Everyday, we find ourselves glued to our phones scrolling on social media.

Since majority of us have our phones 24/7, why not use them to capture moments we cherish?

I use my phones’s camera a lot, not to take pictures of myself, but to take pictures of things I think are beautiful.

For example, holiday decor, my sister etc…

These are moments I want to live with me forever. When we take photos and videos, it never dies unless we delete them.

Even then, they’re still out there in the world somehow. (This is a tad bit scary…)

I like capturing the moment because I can always go back to these images/videos and relive the moment later in time.

If I could take my camera with me everywhere, I definitely would. I’d create an electronic media journal and look back on all of my memories in the future.

While you’re out having fun, instead of going on social media, use your camera to take beautiful photos/videos of the people you love.

It’ll make you smile thinking of the good times in the following years.

** For today’s Sheen Magazine article, I talked about the different family members during Thanksgiving Dinner!

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6 Replies to “Capture The Moment”

  1. If my phone’s camera was half decent, I would definitely use it more often. My phone camera sucks though – it’s an iPhone6. Compared to my actual camera, the phone doesn’t even compare. I agree that lugging around a camera isn’t very convenient.

      1. Same. If there was a way to get a fantastic camera that exceeds that of a phone, I would be snapping pics all day! I used to love organizing digital photo albums but ever since I stopped, I also stopped snapping pics (unintentionally).

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