Letter To Myself

You are doing what you can with the resources that you have. There will be days where you feel like giving up, but you know that’s not possible.

Block out anything that makes you feel like you need to rush to follow your dreams.

Don’t idolize the lives of others who are on a different path.

Your time is coming. Be patient.

Remember your purpose. Remember the purpose of your dreams.

Never lose sight of WHY you chose this route and not an easier one. You chose this dream to follow because you know it’ll create the life you’ve always wanted.

You know you’ll be able to give back to your community and take care of everyone you love.

You knew it’ll take a lot of hard work and dedication. These are two things you specialize in.

One day, you’ll look back on these blog posts as you’re living the life you’ve prayed for and manifested.

Days like these are normal. You just needed a pep talk (writing/blog post) to get back in the game.. the game we call life.

You got this.

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4 thoughts on “Letter To Myself

  1. That’s what I keep on repeating to myself, to be patient, no matter how long it takes and to just enjoy this process. Thanks Shanese 🙂

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