Put Yourself First.

We live in a world where people don’t hesitate to remind others of how they aren’t obligated to do things for them.

Which, to be truthful, they aren’t.

However, we must remember that we aren’t obligated to do things for them as well.

We help who we can, which in my opinion is the right thing to do. Yet, we should never get to the point where we’re consistently putting others before ourselves.

There’s a difference between being selfish vs selfless. It’s a decision process involved.

But, being a priority in your own life is the healthiest decision we could ever make.

We must remember that we only get to live life ONCE. We have to make the best of the life we have in order to grow and create a better one.

This includes making sure we are a priority in our own lives, which is something many people never think about.

Some people might say,

It’s not possible for me not to be a priority in my own life. It’s my life. That’s a priority itself.

If you’re someone who thinks like that, answer the following questions:

1. When is the last time you’ve done something YOU enjoyed?

2. How often do you make sure you’re not overwhelmed?

3. How many times have you struggled while helping others? Have those same people helped you?

Of course this is our life, but we forget about ourselves a lot.

Make yourself a priority.

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