Weekly Journal

Entry #5- Positive Vibes ONLY

I usually post my weekly journal entries early in the day on Saturdays, but I decided to get as much rest as possible.

I slept more than I usually do and my body really deserved it.

**Remember to take care of your mind and body. Give it the rest it needs**

With everything that’s going on in the world, we really need to surround ourselves with positive energy. I definitely need to cut out anything that doesn’t contribute to that.

I woke up and thanked God for blessing me with another day. I also thanked him for waking up everyone I love.

After that, I thought of more video ideas (I’m about to get back into creating video content. This is something I love just as much as writing but I recently got discouraged.)

I really just spent the day relaxing and thing positively about life. I don’t want to speak anything negative into my life or anyone around me.

We’ve all been through so much and I just want life to be less stressful. Of course, just saying I want to be more positive is only just a small portion of actually being positive.

It takes a lot of action and I’m ready for it.

One last thing, thank you for following me! I just got to 191 followers. I’ve been on a journey to 200 followers and I’m almost there. Very excited! Very grateful! THANK YOU!!

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