Getaway: Covid-19 Edition

Last week, I was on vacation from that place I loathe (my job, which I am quitting soon.. very excited).

I was pretty excited until I realized that the state I live in was going back on lockdown and many restaurants would be closing again.

**Honestly, going to a restaurant during a pandemic would’ve made me crazy so I haven’t been anywhere where I’d have to take my mask off **

I started to feel really bummed out because I was looking forward to this vacation since the beginning of the year… January to be exact.

However, nothing could take away the fact that I would be away from that place for an entire week… SEVEN DAYS.

**the thought of it still makes my eyes sparkle**

So that swiped away any feelings of sadness.

I decided to bring the vacation to me since I couldn’t travel. I was left alone the entire week and honestly I needed the peace. I had a cup full of cold red grapes, my favorite television shows and films, plus my favorite snacks.

I had cute little string lights up, played a soothing playlist from YouTube that consisted of waves and sounds of rain (I love these sounds).

It was just really relaxing all in the comfort of my own home.

Overall, if any of you have vacations coming up, please be as safe as possible. Try to stay home if you can. Get some time to yourself and breathe.

Cases in the US are rising rapidly and I just want everyone to stay as safe as possible. Even if your country is seeing a decrease, be considerate.

Have a great night/morning everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Getaway: Covid-19 Edition

  1. It might be fun to just check in to a cutesy Airbnb in your own city – especially one with a pool or jacuzzi or something! I did a quick weekend getaway last weekend. It was just a night in a resort 2 hours outside my city – it was a nice break from home. 🙂

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