“Life’s Journey,”

Life can be uncertain at times.

We can’t really choose how much stress we want in our lives, because if that was the case we’d all choose to not stress at all.

We can, however, lessen the stress in our lives by eliminating stressing over what we can’t control.

There’s things that happen in our lives that we’re in charge of and there’s things where we’re just the supporting characters.

As humans, we tend to overthink and crowd our minds with the thoughts that everything that happens to us and others is one person’s responsibility.

It’s not.

For example, you’re not responsible for taking care of everyone, especially those who choose not to take care of themselves.

When you think like this, you’re adding more pressure to your mind which is adding more stress to your body.

Unnecessary stress, that is.

Lets try to get rid of this. It’ll take time, but it’ll also add a little bit of calm to this crazy thing called life.

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  1. So true. Sometimes we need to differentiate what we can control and what we can’t, and just stop caring so much about the things we can’t, because what are we able to do anyway? Thanks for this!

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