“A Little Closer,”

A few minutes ago, I noticed that I’m almost at 160 followers!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you should know I love to celebrate EVERYTHING.

Anything that’s a little closer to my goal is an achievement for me. So, I’ve decided to do another “This or That” as a early celebration!

1. FAIRY LIGHTS! They’re literally the prettiest lights ever.

2. Hot Chocolate! I’m really not a coffee person.

3. I love both… it’s too hard to decide 😭

4. Rain… I love when it’s raining really hard and I’m laying in my bed.

5. Soft scarves!! However, the have to be cute!

6. Warm Brownies with vanilla ice cream!


8. TV Show Binge during the weekday.. movie nights during the weekend.

9. Popcorn! Caramel & Cheddar!

Feel free to comment and let me know what you prefer!

Thank you to everyone who follows me! It makes me so happy to know people care about what I have to say rather it’s a rant or social post.

Have a great night/morning everyone!

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5 thoughts on ““A Little Closer,”

  1. Congratulations, love! Well deserved! <3

    Fairy lights – I love how pretty they look at night!
    Coffee – even though I love hot chocolate too but I can't function without coffee
    Halloween – even though we celebrate neither in India – Halloween has always excited me since I was a young child reading about it in novels
    Rain – <3 I love me a cup of warm coffee, a good book and rains!
    Soft scarves – I love scarves with a nice black jacket and boots – that usually my go-to winter fashion
    Warm Brownie – brownies are love! And I love brownies + ice cream combo too! <3
    Blanket – No matter how hot it is at night, I need a blanket to sleep!
    TV Show binge – I don't watch a lot of TV shows
    Crisps – I somehow don't like popcorn at all. I'm not a fan of crisps either but I'd choose them over popcorn!

    1. Thank you so much!! It means a lot coming from you 🥰🥰. I literally thought I was the only person who couldn’t sleep without a blanket! You’re definitely a fashion Queen because I love the scarf-black jacket- boots combo. It’s the only reason I love cold weather.

  2. Yayyyyy!! I’m with you on all your choices ahhh twins! I love candles so much though as pretty as fairy lights can be! Keep up all this good energy Ms. Shanese <3

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