“Autumn Nights,”

It’s chilly outside.

The leaves are finally turning that pretty red-ish orange color.

I’m laying in bed, wishing I had a cup of hot chocolate with two medium marshmallows at the top.

**no, I don’t know why I like a specific number of marshmallows in my hot chocolate. Yes, I know I’m difficult 😭

Any who, the point is I wish I had it.

I LOVE the fall. It’s my favorite season. When I was younger, everyone couldn’t wait for the summer, I was always the odd girl waiting for the chills to arrive.

I was the only one excited to see everyone bring out their cute boots and fluffy sweaters.

**who said you can’t be stylish during the cold seasons?

I can’t stop thinking of the warm bowls of soup in the days to come.

I can’t stop thinking about setting the heat in my house to 80 degrees. The toasty times.

I’m excited to go shopping with my sister to get matching fluffy pajamas and slippers.

The thought of even being wrapped in the biggest quilt I can find makes me happy.

I just love these Autumn Nights ❤️.

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