Every since I was 14 years old, I’ve been hearing the same line,

It’s hard to get in the media industry. You should aim for something smaller.

Nothing makes me more upset than someone telling me that my dreams are too big.

Clearly, I’ve done my research about the media industry and I’m 100% aware that I’m living in the city with the third largest market in the United States.

However, I know I have what it takes to make it.

Failure is not an option for me.

My life will not be lived through others. I will not settle for less because a person who barely knows me thinks I’m crazy for aiming high.

I’m very passionate about what I want to do. I happily write/speak about aiming to be a media industry powerhouse and I won’t stop.

Instead of trying to put others down, we should support and uplift people while we can. There’s too much negativity and hate in this country.

If someone wants to sell their artwork, support them.

If someone wants to become a journalist, support them.

Simply do what you love and don’t let anyone steal your joy.

No one understands your passion the way you do. If you truly believe you have what it takes, please go for it.

If you don’t have any support, I’ll support you!

Just don’t let anyone convince you to settle for less.

You deserve the world.


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3 thoughts on ““Focused,”

  1. Yes, girl, keep going! It does not matter what other people say, only what you believe. If you really want to be in this industry, you will make it if you put in the effort. Maybe success will not be overnight but like you said, just stay on track and you will get there. All the best for your journey!

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