“Built Different,”

Treat others how you want to be treated.

We hear this quote a lot and of course, not everyone lives by it.

What happens when you’re treating everyone the way you want to be treated, but certain people are still treating you badly?

The “socially popular” answer would be to treat them the exact same way.

However, that doesn’t work for me.

I will feel extremely horrible if I treated someone badly in retaliation to how they treat me.

My heart won’t let me do it.

Some people may say:

You’re a pushover.

I’m not. There’s a difference between letting someone do whatever they want to you without stopping it and actually stopping it… but in your own way.

I’m not a fan of hurting people. There’s no way that I can wake up everyday knowing someone is sad or hurt because of ME.


I do NOT tolerate disrespect in any way, shape or form.

Instead of getting “even”, I would much rather cut the person off completely.

Why waste time treating others badly as a response when you can save your energy and not give them the attention they want?

Life is so short.

Do you really want to waste it on someone who doesn’t value their own lives? ‘Cause if they did, they wouldn’t be living for the sole purpose of hurting others.

Question: Can you treat someone horribly because they do the same to you? Or would you rather save your energy?

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