“Be A Rose,”

When I was younger, I wanted to be anybody but myself.

I was under the impression that I was weird and basically didn’t fit in anywhere.

I had a couple of friends, but I still felt like a loner.

Do I feel that way now? Hell no.

So how did I get past this? I looked deeper to find who I am.

I started looking at my flaws that made me different from everyone else and I used that to boost my self-confidence.

*my self esteem was horrible when I was younger.

While doing that, I noticed that I’m very creative and I consider myself one of a kind.


There will never be another Lashaunta because I can’t be duplicated.


Those things that made me weird are helping me become who I really am.

Weird isn’t even a bad word to me anymore. It’s boring trying to be like everyone else. Being yourself is less work and you actually turn out happy in the end.

I’ve blossomed into a full rose out of the darkness that I was once in before. 

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