“Women Empowerment,”

New article on SHEEN Magazine!

There would be no world without WOMEN!

Who run the world? GIRLS

Today, I wrote an article/ interview about Megan Taylor Jordan. She’s the CEO of The Village Music Group and she’s a powerful woman in the music industry.

I’m sure many of you know, the music industry is male dominated. However, women are the ones who really keep the industry alive.

Read the article on Megan here:


If you love R&B and soul music, listen to Megan & Connor Caine’s song “Sit Back”, available on all music streaming services.

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Sn: I’m officially a Freelance Writer for Sheen Magazine! I created a fun article comparing the characters of Martin to zodiac signs. Read here:https://www.sheenmagazine.com/which-martin-character-are-you-based-on-your-sign-zodiac-signs/


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