“Those Who Wait,”

Good things happen to those who wait.

As humans, we have times where we question this statement. There’s times where we go through obstacle after obstacle, continuously waiting for that “good thing” to happen.

In reality, we’ll never truly know when.

We can only just continue to move past those obstacles not knowing what’s coming next.

Life is not a walk in the park.

However, we’re alive during one of the toughest times. That’s the biggest blessing we can receive or the “good thing” some people are waiting for.

I know many people are thinking,

Well, that’s not really what we’re expecting after waiting. Of course, being alive is the best blessing ever but we need something to give us hope after these obstacles.

You’re right.

The key is actually waiting, though.

You can’t “say” you’re waiting and then complain about how long you’ve been waiting.

I get it.

We’re humans. We’re impatient.

Sometimes I wish I can rush that good thing as well.

Yet, I think about how big the effect will be once it comes unexpectedly or on its own.

All I have to do… is wait.

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