“Conversations At Night,”

When I first started my blog, my favorite posts were my “Conversations At Night,” posts. I used to write them almost every two days and it really cleared my mind of any stress before I went to sleep.

**of course, stress doesn’t disappear that easily but my mind wasn’t focused on my problems and I was able to sleep better.

Honestly, I don’t know why I stopped making these posts.

These past few months have been extremely stressful and I decided to start writing my C.A.N posts again to get back on track.

Tonight’s topic: Stars in the Sky.

**just a little heads up, these posts were based on random thoughts. Things we wouldn’t really think about in the morning when we’re lost in the chaos of life.

My life kind of slows down at night. I’m much busier in the morning/earlier in the day than I am past 5:00pm. This gives me time to think about… literally whatever.

I don’t really have much of a night life, especially now because of COVID-19. However if I did, I would definitely want to take a trip down south in Illinois and be mesmerized by the stars.

As I stated in a previous blog post, I live in the city and there’s usually lights on all day/every day.

I can barely see the stars, and when I do, they look so tiny and dim.

I imagine going deeper into the south of Illinois, where it’s basically the country, I would be able to see the stars at its best.

Peace and quiet.

No unnecessary lights.

Just the beauty of the sky.

I’d even name a star after my grandmother.

Would you like a star to be named after you?

Just a little conversation at night.

What’s your random thoughts at night?

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