“One Step Closer,”

I don’t think there’s enough words in the world to describe how much I hate my job.

There’s no support for the department I work in and honestly, I’m tired.

I’m trying to stay till the end of the year, but I really want to quit before then.

I’m a strong believer in quitting a job that doesn’t make you happy. I’m aware that there are bills that need to be paid.

However, if you’re miserable everyday and literally counting down the hours until you go home, please quit.

We only get one chance to live. I can’t waste my life working for a company that values money over its employees.

I’m sure many of you may be thinking,

Well, what company isn’t like that?

There’s a difference between wanting to grow your company and it’s value vs having a store opened to its full capacity during a pandemic.

All because you want to make sure your store makes the most money.

The only reason I’m not insane right now, is because I know I’m one step closer to reaching one of my goals for 2020.

After I graduated out of college in May, I wanted to write for a magazine company and expand my talents. Since June, I’ve done exactly what I hoped.

Even while working at this horrible job, I found a way to get my foot in the door of the media industry.

Now I just have to step all the way in.

This part is a tad bit challenging, but I know it’ll all be worth it.

With my consistency and determination, I know that soon I’ll be the media industry powerhouse I said I’ll be.

SIDENOTE: Please don’t think I’m ungrateful. I know many people would love to be working right now but can’t because of the virus. I just know there’s a better place I can work until I get to where I want to be. I don’t think employers should use this pandemic as an excuse to overwork employees and pay them less. Essential workers, like me, have been on the forefront since this pandemic has started. A lot of essential workers have lacked the proper protection and support from employers. We all deserve better.

If you’ve ever worked at a horrible job, what advice do you have for others in this position?

What was your breaking point?

Have a great night/morning everyone!

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4 thoughts on ““One Step Closer,”

  1. I totally agree – there is no point in doing something that doesn’t spark your passion/makes you happy. Plus I think when you’re younger there is more scope for taking such risks like quitting and changing careers. Once you have mortgages and kids, it just gets way more difficult.
    I quit my job earlier this year to pursue my own thing. It took a lot of courage to leave a job that was making me insanely miserable mainly because the pay was really good and I really liked my life other than the job. The tipping point was my boss who was a really bad manager and he became a trigger for my anxiety. (Eg: We were not essential workers but he still wanted me to come to office in the middle of the pandemic!) So I finally quit despite people telling me I’m crazy. I think it was worth taking that risk and my anxiety problem has improved so much.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been thinking about quitting earlier than I originally planned. I’m glad there’s someone who understands this situation. I always felt like since I’m young and don’t have any children, now is the time to explore jobs until I get to where I want to be. I have a horrible manager who only cares about looking good when his bosses arrive. I’m so happy every thing worked out for you 🤗

  2. I used to have many mediocre jobs, and a few HORRIBLE jobs where I dreaded every morning when the alarm rang. My advice is to just quit, because you can always find something else (there’ll ALWAYS be a job out there if you’re willing to downsize).

    I myself am lucky that I managed to start writing for a living, and had I not quit the job I hated, I wouldn’t have found the one that I love.

    So keep going, follow your heart, and I wish you all the best!

    1. Thank you so much!! Your comment was definitely inspirational. And you’re right, there’s so many different jobs available other than this one. I love writing and hope that I can make a living off of it as well. I wish you much more success!

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