“Today’s Plan,”

I’ve noticed that when I plan my days out, I actually get more stuff done than when I just “go with the flow”.

Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone.

Yet, for me it allows me to vision want I want to achieve in the day and how I can actually accomplish this goal.

So, today I have a few things planned.

1. Go downtown to capture photos of artwork with my camera.

2. Edit and upload Episode 6 of “A Real One w/Lashaunta Shanese”.

3. Respond to story pitches via email.

* I have two great interviews coming out soon

4. Relax and breathe.

As you can see, it’s pretty much a simple day for me. I’m excited about not having to go to work.

So I wanted to make time for the activities I really love.

I don’t always plan my days out, although I am trying to do it more often. For example, when I have to work, I pretty much just go with the flow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night.

Which works best for you?

Planning or Going with the Flow?

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2 thoughts on ““Today’s Plan,”

  1. Good luck for your interviews! I’m sure you’ll do amazing. 🤗

    I also find myself being more productive when I write and plan down my day otherwise I just spend so much time being lazy. 🙈

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