2 Ways To Apologize

You need to hear this..

So I’ll be the person to say it.

NO, You are not always right.

There are times where you’re in the wrong and instead of brushing off the situation or simply creating something out of nothing…

You need to apologize.

I would love to say that I always apologize when I’m wrong, but I’d be lying.

Its something that I need to work on and it’s not intentional… or atleast I don’t think it is.

However, that’s no excuse. You should always admit when you’re wrong and apologize for the misunderstanding.

It’ll prevent a lot of unnecessary drama and bad energy.

I was thinking of ways that I could apologize.

Of course, you can say the actual words, but it needs to be something bigger.

Let’s start with these two simple ways to apologize.

A change in behavior.

Changed behavior is always the best way to apologize. You’re using actions to prove that you understand you were wrong and is determined to solve the problem. Behavior plays a big role in communication.

Acknowledge. Listen. Say “I’m Sorry”.

Remember you can say “I’m sorry” but if you’re not acknowledging the situation and actually LISTENING to what made the other person upset, you’re not really sorry.

As I stated earlier, I need to learn how to apologize more and better as well.

I have flaws.

Yes, this is a major flaw but I think I can manage it.

No, I KNOW I can.

What’s a better way to apologize?

Is it easy for you to apologize when you’re wrong?

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