“The Mindset,”

Isn’t it draining how you can’t tell a lot of people your plans?

Because they might pray on your downfall?

I’m the type of person that gets very excited when I have good news.

I tend to want to tell everyone I love because I feel like they should share the moment with me.

However, I’ve started to notice that a lot of people believe telling others your plans or good news isn’t always a good thing to do.

Below, I seen this tweet on Twitter and I started to think.

Nowadays, people are saying it’s best to just wait until your good news becomes reality in order to share them.

I guess this way it won’t matter whether they want you to win or not because you already have.

Wouldn’t it be nice to show your struggle, so when you win, it’ll feel like a big victory?

Wouldn’t it be nice to show others that you CAN start from the bottom and still win?

I don’t know how I feel about just coming out on top.

It doesn’t feel authentic and relatable to me.

What do you think?

Am I missing the point?

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5 thoughts on ““The Mindset,”

  1. I honestly believe in letting results talk rather than telling people about my goals. It isn’t about being superstitious for me – my goals keep changing with time, so not telling people your goals leaves me with the flexibility to keep changing my goals. ☺️

    1. Wow, I didn’t think of it that way. I’m glad you said this because I was only seeing it as like a “luck” type of thing. I think I should let my results speak for themselves more often. 🤗

  2. I’m kind of in between on this topic. I’m like you and get super excited and want to share but I realised that sharing my plans with everyone put too much pressure on me and didn’t leave me enough room to change my mind. So now I share when I’m completely sure I want to go through with it otherwise I keep it to myself.

    1. You’re right! Now that I think of it, there were a few plans I shared that I eventually lost interest in. Then I had to explain why I chose a different route and it was stressful. I think I’m going to limit sharing my plans, or like you said not share it until I know for sure it’s what I want.

      1. Yeah it’s just easier than like having to tell people why you decide what you did. It’s annoying to always justify your actions lol!

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