“Don’t Take It Personal,”

I have a hard time with taking things personal.

I hate it.

It frustrates me.

I’m 100% aware that everything is not about me.

Nor am I a self centered person.

However, I always feel like when someone stops talking to me or doesn’t communicate with me for a while, it’s my fault.

So I take it personal.

Yes, I know it’s very childish and I’m currently learning ways to stop.

I know that people need space and time away from others with no intention of making anyone else feel bad.

I’m learning ways to be supportive and I think everyone else who takes things personal should too.

Instead of making things about us, even if that’s not our intention, we should wait till the other person feels okay with speaking with us again.

Some people are naturally distant.

Some people have personal things they’re going through.

We should find a way to understand them.

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2 thoughts on ““Don’t Take It Personal,”

  1. You’re already way ahead of the curve!
    I’m still very much the center of my own universe – in way more areas than just communication 🤪
    Taking it personal is way too easy and way too hard to unlearn, so far 😳🤐

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