“Counting Sheep,”

Random thoughts loading…

In what world does counting sheep actually helps you fall asleep?

Asking for a friend…

No honestly, I’m asking for myself.

If you made it this far into tonight’s post, you’re probably thinking..

She really think of the most random things.

And I’m here to tell you, you’re absolutely right!

I really write whatever comes to my mind and that’s the beauty of having a blog.

I try to encourage everyone I know to write whenever they have the time. Since everyone doesn’t have the time for a blog or to grab a sheet of paper, I usually try to show them how easy it is to make a journal entry on your phone.

If you have a iPhone or Apple device, you can simply use the notes app. I’m sure other devices have something similar.

It’s as simple as typing a sentence a day to see how you really feel.

It’ll help with those hard-to-sleep nights so you won’t have to… you know…

Count sheep.

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2 thoughts on ““Counting Sheep,”

  1. I’ve been finding it hard to sleep these past few months – but writing doesn’t help either. I usually end pondering over the thoughts I’ve put down. And counting sheep definitely doesn’t work!

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