“Words of Encouragement,”

Earlier today, I was on Twitter and seen a tweet that really spoke to me.

A lot of people I know get discouraged when their Art doesn’t sell or get enough views. They also get depressed when people around us tells us that Art Careers/Media careers aren’t realistic.

I used to listen to the “nay sayers” when I first wanted to be in the media industry but it didn’t take me long after to realize that many of those people were telling me not to follow my dreams because they were too scared to follow theirs.

It was either they were scared or didn’t have the courage/motivation to make their dreams a reality.

I hope anyone who wants to be involved in the Arts understands that there will be hard times; however, PLEASE DONT GIVE UP.

Whether you want to paint, sing, act, write…whatever… keep doing what you love.

Think about the actors or writers who came from nothing. I’m pretty sure there were people who told them they wouldn’t make it.

Now they’re enjoying life while doing what they love.

Soon, you’ll be just as successful.

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