My Problem With Asking For Help.

I really don’t like asking for help. I’m comfortable with doing things on my own.

I know that’s not healthy nor is it possible to do everything on my own; however, I always feel like when people ask if you need help, they’re not really asking.

In reality, they’re actually praying you say no.

I started to realize that people only ask if you need help to make it seem as if they care or to hype up their egos.

You know, like they’re a good citizen and what not.

Not everyone acts like this, but everytime I’ve asked for help, people act EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

I analyze a lot of things… I pay attention when people are talking to me. I notice gestures… I pay attention to your body language… the tone of your words etc..

I know, some of you might be thinking…

You’re doing too much.

Well, I’m a true over thinker. I don’t just say that because it’s a “trend” or “popular”.

I really over think… A LOT.

And I wish I didn’t.

But, in the words of Lady GaGa…

I was born this way.

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2 thoughts on “My Problem With Asking For Help.

  1. This was way too relatable for me. I’m such a major overthinker as well and I hate asking for help because I don’t want to bother anyone or feel like a burden. I also agree that a lot of people just say they will help you because they have to or they want to feel better about themselves.

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