“Writing at Night,”

Writing hits different when it’s at night.

I don’t have a office or anything that rich writers have, obviously because I’m poor 😂, but I do have a bedroom with a nice window that blows cool soothing air through it at night.

I like to have the window cracked a tiny bit and all the lights are off.

Because I need to see, I have a small light I use to read or write that creates this “vintage” effect.

**this is not my writing, this is just a picture that describes the mood when I write at night.

I like to sit in the middle of my bed surrounded by pillows. I usually wrap myself inside a warm blanket, hands free of course because I need them to write, and get comfortable.

This sets the mood for the night as I start with writing down possible article topics, journal entries, blog posts etc.

This process is the longest because I’m an over thinker. Also, I really put a lot of effort into my writing ideas.

Once this is done, I begin to pick my favorite out of all the ideas. I start with ranking them from “Like To Love”.

After that, I start writing about the topic I loved the most.

Of course, I joke around from time to time because writing is fun. It can be used for many different purposes.

For me, it relieves stress and allows me to express myself in a way that I wouldn’t be able to via talking. When you’re writing, you’re not judged. It’s a form of therapy.

Try writing at night!

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