“This or That?,”

I’m very excited to say that I’m almost at 130 followers! This is such a huge accomplishment to me because I’ve done this on my own.

It feels good to know that there are 100+ people in the world that are similar to me.

So, as a early celebration I’ve decided to let you all know a little more about Lashaunta Shanese and you all can let me know more about you as well.

Introducing… This or That?… Food EDITION!

I love food. When I think about food, I get happy. Pretty lame right? Well if you’ve been following me since I started blogging in 2018, you’d know that I’m aware of how lame I am.

Let’s get started!

1. I prefer BREAKFAST food… during brunch time 😂

2. Full meals!

3. CAKE!

4. Don’t hate me.. but.. Gordon Ramsay

5. Dinner!


7. Sparkling Water!

8. Cold Orange Juice!

9. Scrambled, always.

10. Both, depends on the time and day!

You don’t have to answer them all if you don’t want to, but I’d love to get to know you guys and see what you prefer.

Cheers to us almost being at 130 followers! 🥳

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2 thoughts on ““This or That?,”

  1. Congratulations!
    Here are my answers –
    1. Breakfast for dates and in general brunch (can’t eat a lot in the morning)
    2. Full meal
    3. Cake
    4. Gordon!!!! I actually like how terrifying he is 😎
    5. Dinner
    6. Chinese
    7. Sparkling water
    8. Coffeeee all the way. Coffee is life!
    9. Neither – don’t eat eggs!
    10. Cooking! I love cooking.

    I love this idea – I’ll do this too when I reach my next milestone. ☺️

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad someone enjoy how terrifying Gordon is as much as I do lol I think I make my coffee wrong because everyone I know loves it. I can’t wait to comment on yours! 🤗

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