“Cheap Thrills,”

I honestly enjoy thrift shopping! 
I don’t get a chance to go often, but when I do, I go with my sister and we’re always inside the store for HOURS.

Every since I was little, I’ve never been the type of person to judge others based on what clothes they wore. I was less fortunate and couldn’t afford name brand clothes so I focused on what I could get. With this, I created my own style which eventually connected to my personality.

At thrift stores, there’s a limitless amount of clothing options. From designer to vintage looks, you can find clothing that you’ll love for cheap prices.

This eventually became my cheap thrill.

The trip to the thrift store was an exciting one. It was the only place that I knew I could enjoy myself with only $20-$40 in my pocket.

If you can’t afford designer or get sad when you see people on Instagram in nice attire, I promise it’ll be okay. 

Take a trip to the thrift store and find your own style.

Save money while also looking good. 

Listen to Cheap Thrills by Sia while you’re at it.


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