“For The Best,”

This week has been wild, very wild.

I know it’s September now but the week began at the end of August. A lot is changing at my job and I’ve decided to focus more on the career I want.

I requested less days to work, I know that sounds crazy.

Yet honestly, it’s what’s best for me.

I want to spend more time writing and filming.

Simply getting my name out there in the media world.

I’m at a good start, so far I feel like I got my foot in the door of the industry.

I just need to focus on what makes me happy.

I need to focus on getting to a place where I’m not counting down the hours till I get home.

I want to be genuinely happy where I work.

This is not the place.

So, I have to do what’s best for me mentally.

I know it’ll all work out.

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3 thoughts on ““For The Best,”

  1. I can totally relate with you! I had been working in this corporate job for the last three years that made me miserable. It wasn’t what I wanted to do and I used to hate going to work. I finally gathered the courage (saved up some money) and quit in January to do my own thing. It’s still WIP and challenging given the current environment but it’s so good to not live with the anxiety of doing my job Heald heartedly.

    Wishing you luck with everything. ☺️

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve decided to quit at the end of this year so I can save up enough money as well. Thank you for sharing this with me, it’s honestly very helpful 🤗 I’m sure you’re doing a great job.

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