Here’s Why I’m Not Changing My Name.

I’m not changing my name.

I was born with it, I love it, I’m keeping it.

I just read an article about a Black woman changing her name to meet the requirements of big corporations. She dropped the first part of her name and just used her middle name “Marie” because that sounded more “professional”.

My name is apart of who I am.

When I was younger, I used to hate it because people would pronounce it wrong and come up with a shorter version because it was “too long”.

As I grew older, I started to realize how unique my name was. From the beginning to end, my entire name is like music to my ears.

I love it so much, that I use my first and middle name for everything.

Lashaunta Shanese is my brand.

I decided to use my real name because this is who I am. My name doesn’t take away my ability to do a job just as good as a “Ashley” or “Taylor”.

I’m going to get far in life with this name and whoever doesn’t want to work with me because if it, didn’t deserve to be in my presence anyway.

As a Black woman, I’m dedicated to showing younger girls that your name is not difficult.

Use it and be proud of it.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s Why I’m Not Changing My Name.

  1. I love this! You definitely should be proud of your name, your background and who you are. My name is Pooja Gudka which is obviously an Indian name and growing up I kind of hated it and wished I had a different name but now I really like it. I don’t care if it sounds foreign or people can’t pronounce it. It’s who I am and I love it.

    1. Your name is beautiful! Our names are unique and aren’t hard to pronounce at all. It really makes me sad knowing people change their names to fit in with society “norms”. I’m glad we both found the beauty within our names!

      1. Yeah it’s so sad. I know quite a few people who have changed their names to fit in at work/university and I truly feel horrible hearing that. I’m glad we did as well- great post!

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