“Worker Thoughts,”

As usual, I’m on my way to work.

Mentally preparing myself for the annoying day to come. Sundays are always the busiest days at my job.

With all these new rules put into place, such as we can’t have water in the department although we barely get breaks, I’m trying so hard not to want to call off every day.

I understand that rules need to be in place to keep things organized, but rules like that are dumb.

There are times where I worked 8-12 hours straight without a break. I was working, on my feet, non stop when the pandemic first started. Of course, the higher management didn’t care.

And sometimes, we still have days like those.

So to say we can’t have water in the department is really a slap in the face.

These big corporations do not care about their employees. We’re expected to work beyond what we’re getting paid for and I’m no longer doing that.

If you’re going to work someone like a animal, PAY THEM WHAT THEY DESERVE. This goes for documented and undocumented citizens.

Just a morning rant…

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2 thoughts on ““Worker Thoughts,”

  1. What you described at your work sounds like health care. What kind of job do you have? I’m currently in nursing school and what you described sounds like that. 8-12 hour shifts, hardly any breaks. It’s dumb that they don’t keep water at your work station…. that should be reported. Water is a necessity.

    1. I wish my job was that important. I’m a personal shopper at a grocery store here in Chicago. The service has been busy non stop since people are scared of leaving their homes. This is a rule they just started and it’s honestly ridiculous. I just graduated from SXU in May. I’m currently only here until I find a job in the media industry lol

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