Nobody is too busy. It’s all about priorities.


We all have them right?

One thing I’ve noticed is how people pick and choose who they make time for.

Which, of course, is what everyone should do.

You don’t have to give your time to those who don’t deserve it.

However, you shouldn’t expect what you don’t give to others.

If someone is not a priority in your life, then don’t expect them to make you a priority in theirs.

Some people may read this and say,

This is a childish thought. We’re all grown. We don’t have to see someone all the time for them to be a priority to us.

I can understand why some people may think this way. It’s not about physically seeing someone everyday.

It could be a simple phone call on your lunch break.

It could be a card, like the old times.

It could be a mention on social media, since many of us open our social apps once or twice a day.

I believe that if you truly care about someone and they have a significant meaning in your life, you will find a way to make them a priority.

Any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on ““Priorities,”

  1. Priorities definitely show us how important we are in other peoples lives. I agree that you can’t expect to be a priority in someones life if you don’t make time for them in yours.

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