2 Ways To Control Your Anger

As much as I would like to stay positive 24/7, there’s times where I really get angry.

Although this is normal, there are no excuses for you to lash out and potentially harm others or yourself.

There are many ways to control your anger, but here are two that works for me. These two ways keep me positive majority of the time.

1. Breathe.

This might sound stupid, but honestly just taking the time out to breathe and let go of stressful thoughts really works for me. It doesn’t work if you’re angry and just decide to close your eyes yet you’re still holding a grudge.

You literally have to sit down for a minute and take deep breathes. Let go of anything that doesn’t bring you positive vibes and happiness. Being angry releases a LOT of toxic thoughts. You do not need those thoughts in your energy.

2. Write.

“Here she go again.” I’m sorry y’all but everyone knows how I feel about writing. I don’t talk to a lot of people, majority (outside of a specific group of people) don’t understand me. So when I need to get my thoughts out or let go of anything that’s potentially messing with my energy, I write about it.

As soon as you feel yourself getting upset, pull out a notebook or use your notes app on your phone and start writing. Before you know it, you’ll have a paragraph full of built up energy.

I usually feel really relieved after I write.

It’s like magic honestly.

I hope these two ways can help you all control your anger. We really shouldn’t let people get to us so easily.

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3 thoughts on “2 Ways To Control Your Anger

  1. I have a pretty bad temper and I think it was worse when I was younger but both the things you mentioned have helped me a lot. Breathing exercises really help with calming your mind down and writing is a great way to express yourself in a more positive way. Really great post!

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