“Realistically Dreaming,”

A storm just passed, leaving damages to a lot of the environment. The good thing is that we’re all alive and no one got hurt. You can replace materials, but you can’t replace your life.

In the midst of the storm, all I could think about was how badly I want the life I dream of.

I’m not ungrateful. I’m not rushing anything.

It’s just natural for humans to want better for themselves.

***My blog consists of my realistic thoughts on a day to day basis. I talk about what I go through in hopes that someone who’s going through the same thing can see that they’re not alone. This is the real me. My raw real thoughts and experiences.

Back to the post..

I have dreams of becoming a powerhouse in the Media & Marketing industry.

I want to own a house.

I want to be the voice of minorities, because I am one.

I was born into a lower class with little to no resources. As I stated in previous blogs.

However, my dream of graduating college became reality.

My dream of becoming an author became reality.

My dream of writing for a magazine company became reality.

That’s how I know I have the ability to keep going.

I believe in myself so much.

And you should too.

Remember, your dreams can be realistic.

Don’t let anyone tell you they’re not.

I believe in you.

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