“Lost Souls,”

No one has their life figured out completely.

No matter what high education you have, how rich you are, even if you’re “drop dead gorgeous “, there’s still pieces of our lives that we need to find.

Whether the pieces are big or small, there’s still a process we have to take that shows we aren’t better than anyone else.

Never look at your life and compare it to someone else’s.

Simply because we all have different paths and meanings in this world.

No matter what race you are, class, gender or sexuality, you have to find your purpose in this world just like everyone else.

Being rich does not mean your life is complete.

Being poor does not mean your life is worthless.

We all have value.

Whether you’re documented or undocumented, please know that a better life is coming your way. Don’t give up on hope just yet.

Basically, we’re all lost souls.

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