“Back Then,”

I remember when I was younger and I first started to notice how different I was from other girls.

Well not just other girls, but the area I lived in.

I was a lame. I am a lame.

But now, I’m okay with that. Back then, I wasn’t.

I had my small friend group that contained other kids who weren’t popular like me.

We did what made us happy. We joked and laugh about things that seemed lame to the popular kids.

Then we all went our separate ways once we got in high school.

I felt even much more alone.

There was even a time where I was in my art class and one of the popular kids took a picture of my “non name brand” jacket and put it on social media.

To get laughs of course.

I was so embarrassed.

Back then, I cared way too much about what people thought about me.

Now, I don’t.

Honestly, they can kiss my ass.

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