It’s something about the moonlight that makes me want to sit outside and stare at the sky at this time of night.

It’s hypnotizing when you stare at it and not blink for a few seconds.

The image gets stuck in your head.

And if you have a vivid memory like I do, you’ll see the moonlight when you close your eyes.

I’ve always wanted to see the moon in a dark blue sky surrounded by silver sparkling stars.

I heard that if you go to rural areas or the country, you can see everything crystal clear.

It’s not one of those lights that blind you.

Its vibrant.

It’s full of howls.

It’s one of the many features I like about the moon.

When you see the reflection of the moon in water, you wish you could touch it.

Well, atleast I do.

I wonder if it’s ice cold…

I wonder could I take a piece of it…

I would cherish it forever.

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