“To Fly,”

I woke up this morning a little bit confused.

In my dream, I was flying.

Like spreading my wings type of flying.

This could seem like a normal dream, but the confusing part was the fact that I literally felt my body lifting while I was sleep.


It was like I lifted my right arm up and my left followed.

I didn’t need a push or engine.

I simply waved my arms and took off towards the sun.

This scared me even more.

We’ve all heard of the story of Icarus.

*If not, click this link to learn more:


Anyways, all I could think of was…

I have no idea HOW I was flying and WHY I went straight to the sun.

My mind was telling me to stop but my wings kept moving.

Soon I landed on the sun and my legs started to MELT!

That’s when I woke up.

I have weird dreams sometimes. I thought I should share it with you guys.

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