“August Blessings,”

It’s the 8th Month of 2020.

We’ve all made it this far during one of the toughest years we’ve been alive.

This is a blessing itself and I pray everyone stays well and healthy.

This year has taken a toll on all of our lives, but one thing it can’t take away is our hope and positive vibes.

I know many people are like, “it’s impossible to be positive during a pandemic that has taken the lives of many innocent individuals and left many people jobless.”

Trust me, I understand.

During the beginning of the pandemic, I was very depressed.

But, I started to notice how blessed I was.

My family don’t have a lot of food on the table but it’s enough to get us by, which we’re very grateful for.

We have what we need and that’s what really matters.

You see, we’re all waking up to see another day.

We’re all able to walk, talk, and eat.

Things we often take for granted.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and you’re still healthy and alive.


And you know what, August will bring us more.

I just know it.

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