“Life Is Not Easy,”

If anyone ever told you that life would be a piece of cake, they lied to you.

Unless you’re born into wealth, you’re going to have a tough life.

Even then, some people who are wealthy don’t have great lives either. They may have an easy life financially but mentally, they’re struggling.

When I was younger, nothing was handed to me. Nothing is handed to me now actually.

I work hard for everything I receive.

Even with hard work, my life is still not easy. I’m not expecting it to be but sometimes I just need it to ease up a bit.

It can take a toll on me sometimes. Usually I pep talk myself and get back to working hard because I know eventually it’ll all work out.

Yet, there are times where I’m in a depressed hole, trying to figure out how to make my life less stressful.

Those times never outweigh my positivity, but they’re still present in my life.

I always knew life wasn’t easy.

Growing up with little to no money and resources have shown me that.

One thing I am proud of is how I found a way to reach resources and become educated. This definitely improved my life from what it was years ago.

There will be more hardships in my life.

There will be more times where I find myself in the hole of depression.

However, I got this.

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