This is a short story post because, you know, I love to write.

Setting: The Dark Woods

It was dark and cold.

But, I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was get away.

Away from everyone and everything.

The only thing I couldn’t get away from was my thoughts.

They followed me everywhere.

Sometimes they got me in trouble.

Sometimes they saved me from the evil in the world.

I walked for about an hour, lost in my thoughts. I didn’t realize how far I was from home.

I pulled out my iPhone and turned on the screen.

There was no service.

“Great,” I said. “Another reason why I should never return home”. What I said didn’t make sense but it gave me a reason to think about running away forever.

No one understands me.

Now I have a reason to not speak to anyone again. I have no service.

I had it all figured out. I would start a new life in a small town and be a mysterious writer or something.

The life.

As soon as I started to smile, thinking about my new profound journey, I seen it.

Yes, it.

Because I didn’t know what it could’ve been.

I hope you all enjoyed. I will be writing more short dramatic stories!

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