“I Am, Who I Am,”

I love being Lashaunta Shanese.

It took me a while to grow comfortable with who I am, but I wouldn’t trade it in for nothing.

I’m soft spoken, but I know how to handle my business.

I’m nice, but I’m not a push over.

I’m short, but I love my height.

I love to write, edit…anything production wise basically.

I don’t like talking about people to make myself feel better.

I don’t like to be loud and obnoxious in order to be seen.

I don’t waste money on designer knowing I can’t afford it, just to impress people I don’t know.

My laugh can be loud if I find something very funny, but that’s okay.

I don’t like fancy food.

I like a good ole Chicago meal.

I’m not high class nor ghetto, I’m a combination of both.

I don’t live for attention, I rather not be seen.

I dress and wear what I can afford/whatever looks nice to me.

And I don’t care who thinks otherwise…


I am, Who I Am.

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