“Just A Little Rant,”

When I was younger, I never liked asking anyone for anything, except my mom.

I always felt like asking for things was an open door for people to say “you wouldn’t have this if it wasn’t for me”, and I never wanted to hear that.

So I did things on my own.

Eventually, it became a little tiring so I gave in when people offered to help me.

For the most part, it was a good experience. Those people never threw it in my face and genuinely wanted to help.

On the other hand, I had a few people who “playfully” threw a little shade.

You know how a person will say something indirectly that relates to what they did for you?

Yeah, that.

I used to be a little naive when I was younger. I always gave people the benefit of the doubt. So I didn’t think the shade was about me.

However, I became aware that it was.

I noticed people’s behavior when they did things for me. It was always moody.

Like one minute they’ll be joking (before the help) and then during the help they’d seem a little irritated.

My thing is, I’ve never once begged or actually asked for help. I took on the offer, which I instantly always regret.

Why offer to help if you don’t want to actually help?

I’ve been doing things on my own for years, I don’t NEED you to help me.

I just hate how people do that.

You’re not doing a good deed by offering to help when in reality you really don’t want to.

What’s your purpose?

Do you think that it’ll bring you good karma?

Like, what is it?

Just a little rant before I start my work day.

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