“One Step Ahead,”

Always be one step ahead of those who want you to fail. I know what some of you may be thinking:

There’s people in this world who pray others fail?

Yes! Don’t be gullible.

You can have a good heart, like me, but always be aware of how others act when you start to reach success.

Even before then, during the process of being successful.

Notice those who congratulate you and those who don’t. Always pay attention to how they congratulate you versus others.

For example, if someone you’ve known for a long time says “congrats” on a post about your accomplishments, of course say thank you.

However, watch their tone when they congratulate others. If they can congratulate a complete stranger on social media in a better tone “I don’t know you but I’m very proud of you. Everyone go support this person”, then there’s some hidden bad feelings.

I know some people are like “any support is support” which it is, but you look forward to the congratulations from those who’ve known you for a while. They know how hard you worked and how much succeeding means to you.

Also, if they barely share your work but share the work of others, take note.

If someone really supports you, they’ll do the simplest thing like reposting your work for others to see.

So stay one step ahead.

Don’t post anything unless you know for sure it’s happening.

Keep your guards up, I know we don’t like to, but in this world it’s a MUST.

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