Conversations At Night

It’s about a half hour away from being 11:00pm in my city so you know what that means…

It’s time for a Conversation At Night!

I’m writing this post as I lay down in bed, getting ready to go to sleep so I can prepare for work in the morning.

As I scroll through the apps on my phone, I realized that I have Zillow downloaded.

I’m not sure if many of you know what that is so I’m going to explain it.

Zillow is an app that shows you houses and apartments that are either available to rent or buy in any location you search.

Of course, me being the dreamer and believer that I am, I always search up nice houses in fancy areas because…

You know…

Prayer and manifestation goes a long way.

I always save my favorite houses because I know soon I’ll be able to buy my own house.

I guess you can call this being prepared??

On another note, I got my first website subscriber today. Only $5/Month.

You’ll see short fiction stories written by me exclusively on my website every month and I’m also thinking of other things.

Please support an imperfectionist who LOVES to write. You won’t be disappointed.

Goodnight to All!

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