“And Many More,”

Yesterday, I finally made myself go downtown after work with my camera.

The decision came after noticing that I’m giving too much time into my job and not enough time into the career I want.

Of course, it was busy at work and by the time it was time for me to go, my feet were YELLING.

Although I just wanted to sit down, I told myself that if I keep this behavior up, eventually I will stick to it.

This means graduating from college would’ve been a waste of time and I can’t let that happen.

For one, because I’m proud of my accomplishments and I know that the connections I’ve made in college plus what I learned will get me where I need to be.

So I made myself go and I’m very happy I did.

I got so many great pictures and met people from out of the state who came all the way to Chicago to take photos/film.

This decision inspired me to want to write even more than I do.

I need days dedicated to my passions.

I need many more days like yesterday.

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