“Just Breathe,”

I’m writing this post as I’m in route to work. As usual, I’m very tired but I have to take the time to mentally prepare myself for the day.

If you have an Apple Watch, there’s a feature/notification that pops up frequently telling you to breathe.

It consists of a one minute, or longer if you prefer, activity that measured your heart beat as you sit still and breathe in & out.

This feature is very helpful for clearing your mind and motivating yourself to keep pushing.

I use it all the time, before work and even during my shift because sometimes my job can become very overwhelming.

We do so much throughout the day and we forget to take the time to just breathe.

Yes we’re breathing throughout the day regardless, or else we wouldn’t be alive, but we don’t really do it properly.

So, if you’re on your way to/from work or if you’ve had a tiresome morning/night, sit somewhere and breathe in & out slowly. You’ll feel a sense of calm take over your body.

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