“Grey Skies,”

I love days like these.

The sky is filled with grey clouds making the world look colorless.

On days like this, I like to sit at home under my comfy pink and black blanket and watch movies.

If I’m not watching movies I’m either talking to my mom and sister or thinking of ways I can brand/market myself.

When the sky is grey so early in the morning, life feels surreal.

It’s like we’re in this area with a limitless amount of open space to do whatever we please.

Although we can’t because, you know, LAWS!

What if the sky was grey everyday?

I wonder if the mood of the world would change?

My mood when there are grey skies, is chill.

I feel relaxed because with grey skies there’s usually semi chill weather that blows evenly through your hair.

Days like these are needed during the summer.

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