“Sunday’s Best,”

Sundays are usually the busiest day of the week at my job. So, as always, I’m preparing myself for the obnoxious customers that believe we should fall to their knees and do as they say.

It’s supposed to be 92 degrees today so I know the store will be crowded, although IT SHOULDN’T BECAUSE THERE IS AN ENTIRE VIRUS STILL PRESENT.

I’m writing this post because, as many of you may know, I have to mentally prepare myself for the work day.

Many people like to discredit the work of people who work regular jobs, as if we do the “bare minimum” and that’s not true. We work extremely hard and still don’t get the recognition that we should.

People who work “regular jobs” keep the world going and deserve respect. Although I won’t be working this job for much longer, I’m glad I got to experience this.

I’ve met people who chose not to go to college and are okay with their lives. Although I went to college and recently graduated, I respect their decision to do what they wanted to.

I know this life isn’t for me but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the life for others.

However, this “regular” life should be an option not something that is forced on low income individuals/ people in poverty.

I’m just saying,

America needs to do better.

Just some words from a commuter on Sunday.

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