Conversations At Night

Writing a “Conversations At Night” post has become one of my favorite things.

It seems like I never have the time to sit and write unless it’s dark outside so here it is…

Another Conversation At Night because…

We love these!!

It’s been two months since I’ve graduated out of college and I’m slowly coming out of my shell. I can see a big improvement in my life from the way it used to be two years ago.

I’m the author of three books that are available on Amazon and I’m a freelance writer for Sheen Magazine. I finally had the guts to invest in/and promote my small media company.

This is a great start for me because I know I have the ability to move up… at my own pace of course.

I always have to remind myself that life is not a race and I’m not in competition with anyone.

Moving at my own pace will eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress.

I have these type of thoughts and conversations at night because it seems to have more power now than during the day.

Maybe it’s the moonlight.

Whatever it is, I enjoy it.

Here’s one of the first pictures I’ve taken with my Nikon.

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