“In the morning,”

It’s the morning!

I hope everyone woke up with the mindset to have a better day than yesterday. I know sometimes it can be hard, because some of us aren’t morning people.

However, just think about how everyday is one step into your dream life. This is how I pep talk myself when I feel tired.

Being an ‘essential worker’ during this pandemic makes me very tired. This means I don’t have the energy to come home and take my camera out to film/take pictures.

When I come home from doing a 10 hour shift, all I want to do is lay down and rest my feet.

I know this has to stop though. I’m putting too much energy into a job that I’m using to help fund my dreams. The money helps but I need to focus more on what I want to do.

My life doesn’t evolve around this job and I don’t plan on being here for long.

These are my thoughts… in the morning.

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