“Dear July,”

If you’re reading this, you’ve been blessed to make it to the 7th month of 2020. This is the beginning of the second half of one of the most stressful years.

I hope July brings nothing but happiness to everyone around the world. I hope the COVID-19 cases decrease and that people wear their masks to prevent the spread.

I want July to bring all of us something to look forward to, because this year definitely was nothing that we hoped for.

The first half of this year was way too crazy. Our biggest idols passed away and then we were swept with a pandemic within weeks of hearing about it. (Although the virus has been around since last year. I heard about it in December but didn’t think much of it, which was a huge mistake).

I went from going on spring break and waiting to go back to school so I can attend Grad Fest 2020 to getting emails saying school was strictly online for the rest of the semester.

I know in some states, the cases are rising more than before since reopening but I hope we’ve learned from the past months and move forward.

A good thing is that some cases, like where I live are decreasing. However, this virus is still very well alive and there is no vaccine, so it’s still pretty scary.

But on this blog, we think positive. So I’m looking forward to this month and I hope you all are too.

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