“Keep Going, You’ll Get There.”

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you’re going to make it.

You’ll have the job you’ve always dreamed of and your life will be better than before.

Don’t worry about whose supporting you now. As long as you have true supporters you’ll be fine.

Even if you don’t have a handful of support, if you truly believe in yourself that’s all that you need.

Promote your music, your art, your writing etc..

Eventually it’ll reach the right audience and your supporters will grow in no time.

I know we look for people we know to support us, or we have high expectations for them, but sometimes we have to let that go.

Yes, we will be disappointed but it’s for the best.

The cheers is always louder than the support.

The only thing that matter is that you believe in yourself, and with that you’ll go far.

Sn: I’m officially a Freelance Writer for Sheen Magazine! Read my first article: http://www.sheenmagazine.com/dont-finish-your-plate-its-a-no-for-me/

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